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The Samsung HS50 is a midrange multi-purpose diagnostic ultrasound system.

The Samsung HS50 integrates a 128-channel S-Vision Imaging Engine from the HS70A which provides support for a number of high-performance hardware such as a 21.5″ LED monitor, a fully customizable 10.1″ LED touchscreen, 3 active probe ports (with a 4th as an option), 3 premium single crystal transducers (CA1-7ADm, CA2-9AD, CV1-8AD), and 2 broad bandwidth linear array transducers (LA3-14AD, LA3-16A). These transducers effectively cover a wide array of clinical requirements, thanks to their low to high bandwidth frequency coverage.

HS50 is equipped with Realistic Vue, Samsung’s leading 3D/4D technology on the market, and is an outstanding fetal-maternal bonding tool similar to GE’s HDlive. It also supports the unique and automated 5D NT and 5D Follicle features along with XI STIC and 3D XI. These technologies will help enhance the physician’s diagnostic confidence during pre-gestation to pregnancy stages.