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Steady Pro®

The KOELIS compact and light probe holder Steady Pro® assists the physician in the performance of effortless but optimal targeted biopsies and treatments. Especially developed for improving the current work environment and reducing urologists’ everyday problems such as movement restrictions or discomfort, Steady Pro® helps to reach and maintain the most convenient position of the probe to make an maximized target approach.

KOELIS has helped physicians to perform transrectal prostate biopsies since 2006. Ten years later, more than 150,000 patients have benefited from KOELIS technology and 150 systems have been installed around the world. Featured in more than 50 scientific publications, KOELIS has become a key figure in the diagnosis of prostate cancer. KOELIS offers now a break-through transperineal approach in prostate interventions with a new 3D side-fire ultrasound probe, exclusive guides and a dedicated software application.

After 10 years of innovation  in transrectal biopsy, KOELIS improves current practices of  transperineal biopsies


Mr-Draw® is the KOELIS standalone workstation specifically designed to improve precision and lesion staging in order to provide the best prostate care management while preserving workflow. On a 23-inch touchscreen, physicians can contour and define the position of lesions within a 3D prostate model before sending the images to the urologist, who will then be able to perform a true targeted biopsy.

Trinity® Prostate Cartographer

Trinity, the first integrated 3D prostate cartographer. A premium performance cartographer embedding full 3D ultrasound and KOELIS exclusive elastic MRI fusion and Organ Based Tracking technology. Its versatility, its optimal workflow and tactile interface make it the ideal assistant to urologist for the development of innovative clinical activity in prostate cancer.