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DC - 70

Good image quality is prime for a promising ultrasound. DC-70 offers that and a lot more. Its unique touch gestures let you do more than you ever imagined, providing you with extremely easy and fast exams, enabling you to put patient care first. The Mindray DC-70 with Resona volume-rendering algorithm achieves innovative 3D/4D performance, faster rendering speed, and higher quality imaging processing for more vivid rendering results. The quality exams and unprecedentedly optimized user experience have already built up DC-70 as the true workhorse to cope with various challenges of your daily practice.

Mindray is an Excellent Value for Your Practice. Strain, stress echo capable. Single crystal probe technology for outstanding image quality. 2 year warranty which is double most vendors. Excellent 2D image quality with extremely sensitive Color Doppler. Intuitive user interface which is very easy to use. We will bid and accept all trade ins. Flexible, affordable service contracts